Pork Chili Verde

Pork Tamales Verde


1 (25 oz) can Juanita’s Chile Verde (divided use)
10 packaged corn husks
1½ pounds prepared masa (corn dough)


Separate Juanita’s Chile Verde sauce from the meat and set aside. Soak husks in water for at
least 10 minutes. Spread approximately 3½ tablespoons masa evenly over one husk; add
approximately 1½ oz meat in middle. Fold sides of corn husk toward center. Fold bottom edge
of husk upwards, rolling to close. Continue with remaining husks and filling, yielding 10 tamales.
Place in a deep pot; cover and steam over medium heat for approximately 1 hour, or until masa
separates from the husk. Warm the Chile Verde sauce. Remove husks from tamales and
discard. Top tamales with Chile Verde sauce and serve. DELICIOUS!

Serving Suggestion: Complete the meal with Juanita’s Mexican Rice and Juanita’s Refried
Beans on the side.

Serves about 5