Though Juanita’s Foods grew to be a tremendously successful enterprise, George De La Torre Jr. was not one to keep all its gains to himself. His generosity was well known throughout the company, as well as the community.

With the roots of his family and business both planted deep in the city of Wilmington, George De La Torre Jr. had a strong devotion to his beloved community, and a passion to give back to nurture its future. He contributed to numerous non-profit organizations, particularly those benefitting the community youth. The Boys & Girls Clubs, his alma mater Banning High School and the YMCA were all thankful beneficiaries of his generous nature. He understood that social activities, like those that had been available to him when he was young, are crucial opportunities for youth development, and a key to community growth and prosperity.

Mr. De La Torre also gave generously of his time. He served on the committee to develop the Banning Landing Project that not only provided public access to the local waterfront, but also built the award-winning Community Center, as well as a statue in honor of Phineas Banning, often called the “Father of the Los Angeles Harbor”. His leadership and dedication to the project were recognized as “catalysts for the development” of the center and the statue, and are permanently commemorated in the Landing’s reception area.

George De La Torre Jr. was proud of his home, and unselfishly gave of himself time and again
to ensure that the pride he felt could be shared by all, well into the future.