Pork Chili Verde

Chile Verde Omelet


1 (25 oz) can of Juanita’s Chile Verde (Pork in Mild Green Chile Sauce)
3 eggs
oil or butter (enough to cover frying pan)
shredded American cheese or Queso Fresco, to your liking


Empty can of Juanita’s Chile Verde into small saucepan and heat to just about boiling over
medium heat. Beat eggs for one minute or until uniformly mixed. Heat oil or butter in frying pan.
Add eggs, making a uniform layer across the frying pan. Cook for 1-2 minutes, add cheese and
just the meat from the Chile Verde, leaving sauce in pan to keep warm. Fold eggs over filling and
cook omelet for about one minute each side. Place on a plate and cover omelet with warm sauce
from the Chile Verde.

Serves 1