Chicken Mole Wet Burrito


1 (29.5 oz) can of Juanita’s Chicken Mole (Chicken in Mild Red Chile Sauce)
4 large 10” flour tortillas
8 oz cooked Spanish rice Rice
8 oz prepared beans (refried or pinto)
5 oz shredded American or Monterey Jack cheese (or Queso Fresco, Cotija or Ranchero)


Empty can of Juanita’s Chicken Mole into medium saucepan and heat to desired
temperature. Warm one flour tortilla in large pan/griddle. For added appearance and flavor,
heat directly over medium flame. Place tortilla flat onto serving plate and spoon ¼ each of rice
and beans on top, distributing evenly. Add ¼ of the meat only from the Chicken Mole and
distribute evenly from left to right across the center of the tortilla. Spread 1 oz cheese over
meat. Fold over about one inch from both the left and right sides of each tortilla towards the
center. Fold bottom edge about halfway over filling and roll away from you to close. Place
burrito seam down on plate. Repeat for each remaining burrito.
For Wet Burrito
Pour remaining Chicken Mole evenly over finished burritos and garnish with remaining
cheese. Place in microwave for approximately 20 seconds or until cheese melts. Serve

Serves 4

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